November 10, 2017

Be A Blessing

As a child my mother always taught me the tongue can wield a blessing or curse and hands can build or destroy. In  the current state of affairs, violence, hatred and misogyny are the norm rather than an aberration. Mass shootings at churches and schools have become common events. While we all know what hate feels and looks like, in our pessimism did we forget how powerful being nice and blessing others can be? Imagine what our world would be like if each of us blessed someone every day. What would our country be like? What would our communities look like? What would our schools be like if we made being a blessing a priority rather than concentrating on negativity? Galatians 6:10 reads, “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people.” That means be proactive in spreading goodness and blessing others. Our mindset should be, “Who can I bless today?” “Who needs a little love?” You can’t just sit back and wait for the need to come to you. About a week ago, I had the pleasure of blessing one of my biggest supporters, Clifton Lee by showing up to his dinner party as the surprise guest. Clifton recently moved from South Carolina to Dallas for a job opportunity despite some grave medical issues. Although he has a heart of gold, Clifton whom is only 23 years old is a dialysis patient who desperately needs a new kidney. All of his friends say not a day goes by that he doesn’t mention or speak about me. When his boss called me and shared his moving story, I knew I had to be there. Upon first sight, I knew my presence blessed him and his love for me made my soul smile. Watch and see for yourself: